Saturday, October 1,2016

        As I stated, Jared wanted to get clean so he could help people.  I figured out a way to help him help people. We all need help sometimes don't we? Anyway, I have several pairs of his jeans which I'm planning on making into purses. I've even seen the pockets turned into bags for smartphones.

         I'd then sell them and donate 75% of the proceeds to a drug rehab program. I do have one in mind, but have not yet talked with them. I will picture the bags here with the prices and you can let me know if you're interested in purchasing one.

      However, at the moment, I'm unable to cut his jeans so I ask that you bear with me.      


Friday, October 14, 2016

     Just wanted to let you know that I've purchased an upgrade for my sewing/embroidery machine that will allow me to embroider the 'Jared's Heart' logo on the purses-just the heart and cross. At this time I'm still not certain where the money will go since I have not heard back from the rehab program I was interested in. As soon as I know I'll let you know.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

      The first set of purses/bags from a pair of Jared's Jeans is completed. I'd like you to be aware that this is the first time I've repurposed jeans in this way so much of what I did was an experiment to see what will work. I can't wait to see what the rest of his jeans become.
      You can message me, Jeanne Jakubik, on Facebook if you're interested in purchasing or would like more information.


This is the first one - it has an angel's
                  wing charm.

          Sorry, but it's not for sale.

Purse number 2 is embroidered and has
beaded fringe at the bottom.
It's 9 in. long & 8 in. wide.

All the purses have a Jared's Jeans tag
and the Jared's Heart on the back

 The 3rd purse/bag is embroidered and fully lined with a flat bottom
& a front pocket.
It measures 14 in. long and 17 in. wide.

Friday July 28, 2017

       Can you believe it - I actually completed another Jared's Jeans Bag! Yahoo!
I bet you can't guess how long ago I got the inspiration
for this bag - the camouflage and embroidery should give it away.

This Messenger Bag Measures
12 inches long, 15 inches wide, & 2.5 inches deep
The strap is 33 inches long
It's completely lined with 2 inside pockets
Jared's heart on the back and Jared's Jeans tag
Sells for $135
 (If you click on the pictures it will enlarge them)

Please remember that 75% is going to Creation House which is an extension of
Beyond the Walls Church. Creation House Mission Statement
Please see their website for more information.
If you'd like to donate above the asking price it would go to Creation House. I'm only going to
take 25% of the asking price. 


  1. Hey I havnt talked to you INA few years its tommy and I'd absolutely love to but a case if not a couple I'd also like to get in contact with you its nice to say hello again and I pray to hear from you soon......tommy Michaels

    1. Hey Tommy, It's wonderful to hear from you. I do regret that I have to inform you that the larger one has sold. But don't be sad - I have lots of Jared's Jeans. I guess it's time to start on the next pair. How nice it would be if I didn't have to work full time. To contact me you can message me on Facebook, Jeanne Jakubik, or email me at jmjakubik@gmail.com. Jeanne