Sunday October 1, 2017

                                         Today Jared would be 25 years old.

      The Silent Roar is a painting I did for Jared! This 'Life Lesson' has 2 parts - why I did the painting and why the name, Silent Roar.

      When Jared was somewhere between 16 and 18 years old he wanted a tattoo. I remember him showing me images on the computer of lions. It seemed he'd been scrolling forever when he stopped and said, "That's the one! The one with the tear that's blood. I want to get that over my heart."  You see, Jesus is the Lion of Judah and it is only His blood that can take away our sins.

      I honestly have no idea what made me think of that or what made me decide that that was what I wanted to paint; but in June ,2015 I went into JoAnn DePolo's Studio with my piece of board to paint a lion. 

     Jared was coming over that July 4th and before I left to pick him up I prayed over the painting - that as he looked at it, he'd never forget Whose he is. That he'd remember that Jesus loved him. I also hoped he'd like it. I had the picture hanging on the wall and wondered if he'd notice it. He most certainly did. I was coming down the hall and he was just standing there staring at it. He said, "This is good. I really like this." Well, that just blessed my socks off. I said, "You really like it?" "Yea mom." I said, " That's a good thing cuz I did it for you." He finally looked away from it to look at me. "I was going to get a tattoo like that." "I remember..."  

      Naming your painting is important and can often present a challenge. This one was not too bad. A few of us looked at it for awhile giving our suggestions for a title when I had it - The Silent Roar! That was it!!

      People, there at two lions on the Earth today - you will either fall prey to one or walk in triumph with the other. One will make you his slave and the other sets your spirit free. 1 Peter 5:8 states, "Stay alert! Watch out! Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, searching for someone to devour." Yes, this would be the lion you'd fall prey to. 

     Jesus, the Lion of Judah, stated in Matthew 28:18, "...all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me..." Have you ever seen someone with real authority walk into a room? The atmosphere changes. They command respect without saying a word. Many times strength is demonstrated in silence and simply walking in the authority you've been given.
     Pastor Jeff Kolodziej had a good illustration of this in one of his sermons, when Jared was probably about 1 yr old. Yes, I listened! He likened it to two dogs - one a little yappy dog and one a large dog. I could really relate because I had a Rottweiler at the time. The little yappy dog tries to scare you off with all his barking and jumping. The large dog will just take a stance and look at you - almost dare you to come closer before he says it's OK. Which one are you more afraid of? Which one, if crossed, could cause more harm? Which one commands your respect?

    That is why I named it the Silent Roar. When my Jesus, the Lion of Judah, walks into the room you'll know it and He won't have to make a sound.

     After Jared died - I went to help go through his things. The Silent Roar was on the wall, at the head of his bed. It now hangs, once again, in exactly the same spot that it was in when he first saw it. 

     There WILL be a showdown between these two lions! Which one do you think will win? Better yet - which side will you be on? Jared may not look like he's victorious, dying from an overdose (FYI it wasn't heroin - he'd been given pure fentanyl), BUT he had heard the Silent Roar of the Lion of Judah which put him on the side that is triumphant!  He has been set free! How about you? Which lion will you follow? Will you be slave or free? Do you have the same hope Jared had? When you stand before the Throne of God how will He see you - a slave to the roaring lion or will you be among the tribe of the Lion of Judah?


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  1. Dear Jeanne, you write with such emotion, truth and strength. Thank you for sharing Jared's story & your painting of the "Silent Roar". Much love and blessing to you as you continue your story of you life with your son. As believers, we know you'll be reunited again with Jared AND Jesus in heaven! A reunion beyond words!